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Race for Business

On 13 December, the seventeenth edition of the celebrated “Race of the Companies” took place. Nine teams from ALTEN Spain participated in this popular competition, which brought together more than 800 companies from different sectors. The “Sonámbulos team”, composed of Aitor Céspedes and Leticia Roldán, was finished sixth place in the 10 km competition. And […]

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Humans of ALTEN #1

MARCEL, DUTCH ENGINEER, LIVING NOW IN SWEDEN WITH HIS FAMILY Could you introduce yourself in a few words? My name is Marcel, I am a 33 year old Dutch guy who is living in Sweden together with his family. Currently I live in the province of Dalarna together with my girlfriend Shella, 5 year old […]

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What’s up in The Netherlands?

ALTEN 10 years in the Netherlands, consistently growing… Ten years ago ALTEN started in the Netherlands, with just 1 office in the Rotterdam area, with managing directors Eric Haesen and Arjen van Herwaarden. This summer we celebrated our 10th Anniversary and we moved to a new and larger office to prepare ourselves for the next […]

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