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Despatches launches new Passport tool for expats.

Passport Tool

Looking for an alternative to FaceBook Pages for expats? Economies across the world are increasingly in need of non-local talent and with the help of a new tool developed by the clever peeps at Dispatches they will now have access to a vast database of mobile global talent. Introducing Passport Tool The tool is called […]

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Alten enhances its ‘Key People’ Project as a vital communication and talent management factor

  As part of its firm commitment to managing and retaining talent, ALTEN has decided to take another step forward in its Key People project, involving the acceptance of new participants from all areas and applying new actions aimed at enhancing lines of communication between its employees. A perfect teamwork environment The aim of the […]

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The best cities to live and work remotely in Europe

Check out the best cities to live and work remotely in Europe at Digital Nomads. Rated across metrics such as; Cost, Quality of Internet, Fun and Safety. …Or maybe you’d like to discover the rest of the world?

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Why is Brexit important to expats?

Why is Brexit important to expats?

Ever since June last year after the Brexit referendum in the UK, more and more  people are enquiring how this will affect expats who live and work in EU member states. The United Nations calculates that approximately 4.5 million Britons live abroad, with about 1.3 million of them in Europe with the most popular destinations […]

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