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How do I change my engineering career path?

How do I change my engineering career path?

Have you ever thought of changing engineering career paths? The life of an engineer can be varied and rewarding. This is due in no small part to the fact that there are so many variations of engineer. Electrical,  Mechanical, Industrial, Civil, Petroleum, Software, Material, Biomedical, Architectural… The list goes on and on. But suppose you started out as […]

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UniSalute Run Tune Up in Bologna

Getting Ready! At 9 o’clock in the morning of 9th September, 11 of our colleagues met-up in Piazza del Nettuno in Bologna. In a few minutes a special event would take place —the sixteenth edition of the UniSalute RUN TUNE UP.  This is an annual half marathon with over 5000 participants from all over the country, both professional and amateurs. Getting to know people […]

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When you’re living abroad —essential information for expatriates and their families.

Resources for the Expat workforce

You can never have too much help when you are living in a foreign country! Here’s some great resources for the Expat workforce Resources for the Expat workforce Here’s a site that prides itself on providing a thorough set of resources for the Expat workforce. With reports on more than 200 destinations, if it hasn’t […]

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How to carry on learning now that you are an expat. The best online tools.

How to carry on learning now that you are an expat.

The world is a complex and fast moving place. With all the changes in the workplace that have occurred in the last few years it is important to keep learning and staying abreast of these changes. This is especially important if you are now an expat! Once you have made the jump to move abroad you’ll encounter new […]

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