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Smart City: Eindhoven

Smart city. Eindhoven

Working in the one of the smartest cities in the world —Eindhoven! Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Not many people have heard of the city, except for maybe being the hometown of the Dutch football club PSV. But did you know that Eindhoven is also one of the smartest cities in the world? About a century ago, Eindhoven […]

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News and resources for expats in Europe

Expat News and Resources

Have you visited yet? It’s a site where current and potential expats will find a wealth of invaluable articles and resources that includes information on everything from where to find the best accommodation deals and recommendations for restaurants to advice about changing your nationality and top tips and insider knowledge on your adopted country. It’s […]

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Despatches launches new Passport tool for expats.

Passport Tool

Looking for an alternative to FaceBook Pages for expats? Economies across the world are increasingly in need of non-local talent and with the help of a new tool developed by the clever peeps at Dispatches they will now have access to a vast database of mobile global talent. Introducing Passport Tool The tool is called […]

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Alten enhances its ‘Key People’ Project as a vital communication and talent management factor

  As part of its firm commitment to managing and retaining talent, ALTEN has decided to take another step forward in its Key People project, involving the acceptance of new participants from all areas and applying new actions aimed at enhancing lines of communication between its employees. A perfect teamwork environment The aim of the […]

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