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10 tips for your move to Sweden

Like any other country, Sweden comes with its own laws, regulations and traditions. And honestly, getting your papers in order as newly arrived in Sweden can be quite demanding. Here are ten things to take care of when you move to Sweden. You’re advised to follow the chronological order. #1 Get a residency permit, or renew it, […]

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“It all comes down to one thing: overcoming the obstacles”

Today we meet Miguel Ángel, who is Service Manager at ALTEN. He is passionate about sports. Since some years ago, he participates in triathlon competitions. Miguel Ángel’s passion for sports began at a very young age. As a child, he suffered from asthma and his doctor recommended him to practice athletics to strengthen his respiratory […]

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Expat guide: Moving to Portugal

If you are planning to move to Portugal you’ll need to set up a few things before you arrive, and upon your arrival. This expat guide helps you discover how to move to Portugal successfully. As Expatica article ‘Managing your move abroad’ points out, the basic things to consider during relocation are visas and permits, […]

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ALTEN JAVA School Program

ALTEN JAVA School Program to improve young and talented people’s skills ALTEN Italy is a goal-oriented Company that believes in talented people and wants to offer them the best training programs. For this reason, in order to improve their professional skills and their level of expertise, ALTEN Italy has decided to create a new program, […]

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