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ALTEN Italy runs like a deejay in Milan

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Waking up orange coloured

Duomo Square in Milan woke up orange coloured. In fact, orange was the colour of the 35.000 t-shirts worn by the participants in the Deejay Ten. The 10 km marathon organized by Radio Deejay, one of the most popular radio stations in Italy. Since 2005, Radio Deejay has invited their listeners to join its deejays in this famous race, to the cries of “Run like a deejay!”. Currently the Deejay Ten takes place also in other different cities. Rome, Florence and Bari in 2017, but it is in Milan that gathers the largest number of participants.

Time to get in shape

On 8th October, among the 35.000 runners, there was also ALTEN Italy, represented by its 34 employees. “I have always been a sportsman but I was not prepared for an endurance race – tells Alessandro C., Consultant at ALTEN Italy for the TLC&Media Division, – But I decided to participate and to challenge myself. I gave up smoking and began to work out twice or three times per week. On the race day I was (quite) perfectly in shape!”.

ALTEN Italy runs like a deejay in MilanThere are a lot of reasons why people decide to participate in the Deejay Ten. “I think that challenges like this need to be accepted to build or strengthen the relationship with colleagues and friends. Moreover it is an occasion useful to go beyond your own limits.” – reveals Francesco D., ALTEN’s Business Manager.

“I decided to participate in the Deejay Ten because it is an event that well combine my interest in running and in music.” says Nicola R., Consultant for the Techno Division – “My motto is: <<mens sana in corpore sano>> (healthy mind in healthy body) and engineers have got “mens” (mind) in spades!”.

Never give up!

A huge event like the Deejay Ten race allows the participants to live a meaningful experience and to share it with a large number of people. “From my point of view, the best moment of the race has been close to the finish line, when a group of people began to incite the runners to not give up. It has really given me a boost!” tells Gilda V., Business Manager for the Financial Services Division.

One of the most important values that a big company should favour is the team building among its employees. That has been the thing that ALTEN Italy’s runners appreciated the most. As the consultant Alessandro C. rightly points out: “Success is based on great teams that work well together; and nothing is better than these initiatives, promoted by the company itself, to reach this objective.”


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