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In this blog we’d like to share the possibilities on offer when working and living in the Rotterdam area, one of the four regions where ALTEN has offices in the Netherlands.

The city of Rotterdam is part of the Randstad, a conurbation consisting of Rotterdam, Amsterdam, The Hague, and Utrecht. It’s an extremely diverse city, with inhabitants from all corners of the world. Interestingly, it actually has a slightly higher number of foreign born citizens than natives! As well as being an important port city, it benefits from a favourable geographic location that guarantees a mild climate. A rich economic and industrial history also makes Rotterdam a great choice for expats!

World famous artists

A number of major multinationals have their headquarters in this area. Many expatriates are working in senior management, research, or technical positions for these large organizations. Due to this large expatriate community you can find a number of excellent international schools in this city. Rotterdam is also home of the Erasmus University, an institute of higher education, which is ranked amongst the best in the world for economics, science, medicine, and governance.
The Technical University in the nearby city of Delft also benefits from this high ranking. Established in the 13th century, Delft has an equally rich history. The world-famous Delft Blue china originates from here. The celebrated painter Johannes Vermeer and scientist and inventor of the microscope Antoni van Leeuwenhoek also hail from here.

Music and Arts

Rotterdam also hosts a number of music, art and film festivals throughout the year, including the International Film Festival and the North Sea Jazz Festival.
If you are more into sports, you can join the ALTEN team at the Rotterdam marathon or visit matches of the major soccer team in this city, Feyenoord.

In this inspiring environment ALTEN is working on projects in a wide range of business sectors. Dutch companies are well known for their expertise in oil and gas, horticulture and agriculture, livestock farming and water management. In this region you only need to bridge a small distance for the most interesting challenges.

Feel free to contact us when you have finished your Bachelors or Masters in Technology or IT and come check out your options.
The slogan of Rotterdam is ‘Make it happen’…

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