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ALTEN JAVA School Program

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ALTEN JAVA School Program to improve young and talented people’s skills

ALTEN Italy is a goal-oriented Company that believes in talented people and wants to offer them the best training programs. For this reason, in order to improve their professional skills and their level of expertise, ALTEN Italy has decided to create a new program, dedicated to aspiring Java developers: the ALTEN JAVA School Program!

What is it? How does it work?

ALTEN JAVA School Program is a training program for young and talented people who want to start their own career in ALTEN as JAVA developer.

The program is open to young people with a deep knowledge of Microsoft Office, whose aim is to learn Java programming language.

It is set for all young new graduated people in information technology, for computer engineers, mathematicians, biomedical engineers, physics, construction engineers, environmental engineers, civil engineers, telecommunications engineers, aerospace engineers and chemical engineers.

How does it work? Where is it set?

After the applications’ screening, there will be a training in classes and then a “on the job” experience in the IT Division of ALTEN Italy.

At the end of the program a positive assessment may give the participants the opportunity to start their future career ALTEN.

Where is it set?

ALTEN JAVA School Program will be set in Milan, Turin, Rome, but jobs opportunities are open in all the 11 other offices.


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