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Alten enhances its ‘Key People’ Project as a vital communication and talent management factor

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Key People Project


As part of its firm commitment to managing and retaining talent, ALTEN has decided to take another step forward in its Key People project, involving the acceptance of new participants from all areas and applying new actions aimed at enhancing lines of communication between its employees.

A perfect teamwork environment

The aim of the Key People Programme is to give a boost to the lines of communication and work of the community of employees that falls within this category. Not only will this create bonds between participants, but also lines of work aimed at optimising, enhancing and launching the kind of best practices that have led to such good results during each of the projects in which ALTEN employees are involved. Furthermore, it is a perfect teamwork environment for sharing knowledge related to the company’s activity, helping to resolve possible doubts or situations where the previous experience of some participants may be useful.

Engage and Communicate

With actions like “Breakfast with ALTEN”, this important group of employees has the chance to directly engage and communicate with the company’s management, as not only does the group include Managers and Directors from the technical and commercial areas, but also the management structure of different staff areas (Human Resources, the Finance Department, etc.). In this way, Key People also serve as a link between employees who are working on customer and ALTEN premises; actions of this type are increasingly being leveraged to bring the day-to-day work of employees and the company’s management closer together.


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