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ALTEN Belgium ranked second in the Trends Gazelles 2018

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ALTEN Belgium is very proud. Why? Because they ranked second in the Trends Gazelles 2018. This competition highlights fast growing companies in Belgium over the last five years. What a great feeling to be first nominee and then awarded in the “large companies” category!

How does it work?

Everything begins with a quantitative analysis established by Trends Top 100,000, based on financial elements, targeted prospection and geo-marketing. This analysis highlights three categories:

  • “Small companies” = with a revenue lower than 1 million
  • “Medium companies” = a revenue between 1 and 10 million
  • “Large companies” = a revenue higher than 10 million

So on what basis has ALTEN Belgium been ranked second in the category of large companies?

The Trends Gazelles team analyzes the results of each company over the last five years, and establishes the selection with both percentage and absolute numbers on three criteria:

  • The turnover growth
  • The staff growth
  • The cash flow growth

That is why ALTEN Belgium is proud to be ranked second in its category.

An award in line with ALTEN Belgium’s strategy

As the Trends Gazelles team says, “those growing companies are not only an energy source for the Belgian economy but also a real inspiration for entrepreneurs”.
This position of driving force in the country economy is a great recognition of our collaborators’ dedication. This award is the result of a wonderful teamwork! Additionally our company tends to become a technological partner, in a sense of guiding them on strategic projects from the beginning to the end.

This Trends Gazelles award thus matches perfectly with ALTEN Belgium’s strategy and provides a great sense of recognition to our team and consultants.



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