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ALTEN Belgium opens its new office in the world’s diamond capital

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Antwerp —European trading and cultural hub welcomes ALTEN

You may not know it, but Antwerp, in Belgium is famous for its diamonds. It’s a fact that almost 50% of the world’s cut diamonds and up to 80% of rough diamonds are traded every year in this city.

But the renown of Antwerp goes further than just its diamond trade! Let’s take a look at two of the other most striking features of this amazing city in which ALTEN Belgium just opened new offices.

The port of Antwerp

The port of Antwerp is full of surprises! This port, ranked 2nd in Europe by its size and traffic volume, is actually located 80km inland! This particular location allows a more effective traffic between the ships and the final destination for all types of products. If you visit the port of Antwerp, you will also have the opportunity to see the world’s biggest locks. The Berendrecht is 68m wide and 13.58 m deep. It is no wonder that the economy of the region is thriving with such a connection to the world.

For ALTEN Belgium, this is the perfect location. We are at the heart of Flanders and also close to the Netherlands not just where many of our consultants live, but also our customers.

The cultural heritage

Peter Paul Rubens —often considered to be the most influential artist of Flemish Baroque tradition— made his home in Antwerp. His former house was turned into a museum, the Rubens house where you can admire the artist’s masterpieces.

Culture is a major aspect in Belgium. Did you know that we have three national languages? As a result we have at least three different cultures that live in happy unison. Consequently with our new offices in Antwerp, we now have the opportunity to be involved in the culture of 40% of our consultants!



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