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10 tips for your move to Sweden

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Like any other country, Sweden comes with its own laws, regulations and traditions. And honestly, getting your papers in order as newly arrived in Sweden can be quite demanding. Here are ten things to take care of when you move to Sweden. You’re advised to follow the chronological order.

#1 Get a residency permit, or renew it, at the Migration Agency

This is almost always step one for expats in Sweden. Sweden’s Migration Agency is called Migrationsverket, and it handles issues relating to immigration, asylum, visas, permits, and citizenship.

Maybe you already secured the necessary residence permit required to legally reside and work in Sweden before arriving – through a job, family, or for study purposes. But all residence permits have expiration dates, so you may want to locate your nearest Migration Agency field or head office in case you need to renew permits or have other visa related issues.

#2 Register with the Tax Agency and obtain a personal identification number

The most important requirement as a new resident is to get registered with the Swedish Tax Agency called Skatteverket. This registration process (folkbokföring) ensures you’re added into the system for tax collection, personal identification, marital status monitoring, mailing address information and insurance purposes.

By registering with the Tax Agency, you will be assigned a unique personal identification number called personnummer (similar to the British National Insurance number). Your legal identity in Sweden hinges on this key number and it is used for everyday official tasks such as opening up bank accounts and getting paid by your employer.

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