• Arnaud: From France to Switzerland

    Arnaud: From France to Switzerland

    “In Switzerland, we have a lot of society with several projects and ALTEN is always increase his activities so I think that the possibilities are multiple to evaluate here.”


  • Fanny. From Stockholm to Brussels

    Fanny. From Stockholm to Brussels

    “I did all my career at ALTEN and there is a real opportunity to evolve in a big Group. I am in the international center and I saw people enjoying their mobility.”


  • Cristina. From Italy to Nederland

    Cristina. From Italy to Nederland

    “Don’t be scared to take a risk, go for it! You can learn different things form each country. This makes you more open minded.”


ALTEN has a certified and approved recruitment process. Each application received is analyzed thoroughly, increasing the chances of recruitment in one of our business department. We are also able to offer the maximum number of alternatives and positions, suiting the best with applicant’s expectations and skill. Let´s go!

  • phase01


    Once you have registered in the international offer of interest to you, the international recruitment team analyzed the fit between the profile and the needs described in the job offer. Do not forget to prepare your CV and a cover letter in English.

  • phase02


    If you meet all the requirements to participate in the process (language, mobility, professional experience, etc.), you will be contacted by a person from the International Recruitment Department to arrange a date for an interview. Good luck!

  • phase03


    After gathering all the information after a first interview, you will have first contact with more technical and specific interviews aimed at narrowing down the candidates in the final selection process.

  • phase04


    From here, the interviews and selection processes come under the management of the country where the position will be located. They will be responsible for giving you all the information in detail about the project and residence in the country.



ALTEN develops and delivers IT and engineering expertise to world-leading companies. As a global player with a local presence we are flexible and able to adapt to the needs of each individual customer. We undertake to deliver the best possible solution based on your specific needs. What will you find at ALTEN?

ALTEN is active in 20 countries, covers the whole development cycle and offers a choice of service levels, from technology consulting to full-blown project outsourcing. It is the technology partner of choice for Europe’s leading companies.

ALTEN has an international recruitment department fully dedicated to foreign candidates. This division aims to attract and hire high skilled consultants whose goal is to get an international experience. The department’s HR Partners work on demand, for the local ALTEN subsidiaries.